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YOU Can Save A Life!

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Early Detection Saves Lives. Show your support today.

Would you be willing to put a little Skn In The Game if it saved a life - a relative, a friend or even a complete stranger? Donate RIGHT NOW!

Did you know…. In the US, two people die every hour from melanoma - the most deadly form of skin cancer. The good news is that with early detection, treatment can be 99% effective. But that number plummets when the cancer reaches the lymph nodes and other organs. It's all about having the information at hand to make healthy lifestyle choices - and learning these earlier in life!

By donating RIGHT NOW, your donation goes directly to three prime activities that will save lives.


SknVue collaborates with organizations like the Girls Scouts, The Boys and Girls Club of America, and the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation to educate your kids so they develop good lifestyle habits early.

Are you an active adult who loves a game of golf, hitting the beach or going for a run? Don’t worry we have programs for you too!

Curriculum includes topics like the sunscreen application, skin types and the A-B-C-D-E formula to identify the first signs of melanoma, and the stages of skin cancer.


SknVue’s education curriculum and community outreach speaks to what you need to know about each of these 4 protection areas. It's all about managing the ultraviolet radiation exposure. The earlier in life the better.

  • How to Apply Sunscreen - and How Often
  • What You Should Know About Tanning Beds
  • UPF Apparel Choices for UV Protection
  • Makeup and Skin Products with SPF

Just imagine, during every hour spent on the golf course, recreational golfers can receive 3.5 to 5.4 times the amount of UV radiation exposure needed to cause sunburn. That’s a serious amount of skin-damaging rays. Now translate that to your kids hanging out at the beach.

Early Detection.

Early detection is key, but did you know…

Our healthcare system currently doesn’t support this practice. In the US, insurance reimbursement doesn’t cover screenings - only biopsies. So people aren’t making these appointments.

Even with an appointment, mole mapping and dermoscopy are not offered routinely by dermatologists or primary care physicians.

Without a reimbursement and routine screening, the burden of early detection has been shifted to the individual who lacks the skills and technology to succeed.

SknVue has a plan to change that!

We are in partnership with MetaOptima - the industry leader in skin cancer technology to develop the game-changing app that will give YOU powerful information.

Using this state-of-the art technology powered by AI, you can build a foundational benchmark, track skin patterns over time and gain information on when a blemish needs to be seen by a physician.

YOU can be a part of this lifesaving effort by DONATING RIGHT NOW - and save a life!

SknVue,® a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to promote awareness and educate the importance of early detection.